Our Story

Jewelry, just like any other forms of arts , represent cultures and life of its people and society. It expresses the amazing combination of philosophy, artistry skill , and the dynamic of an era when it was created. Jewelry also knows no area bounderies, it embraces diversities, new cultures, new techniques and new materials that signifies each pieces. The historical background and values make jewelry one of cultural heritage that worth preserved.

In love with Indonesian culture and heritage, we established Manjusha Nusantara – meaning jewery box from nusantara – in 2011. We specialize and produce replica of indonesian heritage jewelry that originated from all over indonesia.

Our aim is simple, to introduce indonesian heritage jewelry to Indonesian women , so that they know and are interested to wear as part of their daily fashion.

We do hope that this beautiful and valuable indonesian heritage will stay as part of our culture and indonesian jewelry artists can maintain their skills and creations.

Proud to be Indonesian and keep this heritage alive !